Jam Donut Package

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This pack includes everything you need to create 28 serves of your favourite Jam Donut shot at home!

Serving suggestion: Rim the shot glass with Grenadine, sprinkle 2tbs of sugar onto a side plate and dip the rimmed shot glass into the sugar. Next fill the glass 2/3 with Chambord, then slowly fill the rest of the shot glass with double cream, use the back of a spoon to help create the layered effect.

-Chambord (70cl / 16.5%) is a world-renowned raspberry liqueur which was first produced in the Loire valley in the 1600s. It is made with black raspberries, vanilla from Madagascar and Moroccan citrus peels which are steeped in cognac and sweetened with honey.

-Double Cream (Brand may vary due to availability).

-Grenadine syrup sample.

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